AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide 2022

Gaming is the whole and soul of any digital platform in current times, whether PC or Android/IOS. So we get a bunch of options to choose the video gaming genre of our liking. Some of the most popular gaming genres are action, adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy, and sports.

AKF (Away From Keys) goes by its name where you will have to accumulate gold, players, experience, build your teams, complete different maps by staying AFK.

AFK Arena: Introduction

AFK Arena is a turn-based RPG with a diverse world of its own filled with quests and hidden legends. Its role-playing revolves around heroes. There are over a hundred heroes distributed in seven factions, with some of them being the rarest. Likes of celestials, hypogeans, dimensionals are considered as the rarest of them all. 

The battles in which you participate are strategy-based in which you create lineups by equipping the heroes which suit your current requirements to make you unbeatable. As mentioned earlier, there are several factions in this game, and each faction has a specific formation buff and factional advantage over others.

The general gameplay of the AFK Arena is vibrant and comprehensive. Let me give you a non-spoiler basic plot of the game. Realm of Esperia is being attacked by the ancient and evil hypogean, and in the campaign, you have to fight them and keep them from destroying the Realm of Esperia and race to finish to king’s tower. It depends on how far you can progress and survive in the world of Labyrinth with your relics.

Aside from the primary campaign mode, there is also a PvP (player vs. player) mode where you can play and compete with real-world players and see who is the strongest. The thing that makes AFK Arena of its kind is that you can level up while you’re AFK and receive all the perks and special rewards when you next log into the game.

Generally, in these RPG types of game, there are many try-hards, and you have to grind the game a lot to level up finally. And grinding can be very frustrating and consumes a lot of extra time. 

But with AFK arena, you don’t have to worry about this as the game itself gives you ample opportunity by leveling up you even when you are not playing the game. Considering you have reached this far in the article must mean that you’re interested in the game. 

You guys must know Markiplier, right! Yes, you read that right, one of the most prominent gaming-centric YouTubers of the current era. To help you start up your journey, AFK Arena has a little surprise for you. To claim some exclusive free rewards, use the code ‘AFKMARKIPLIER’.

It will help you to give a jump start to your journey in the world of Esperia. Also, AFK Arena allows you to level up effortlessly is the cherry on top.


afk arena beginners guide

AFK Arena is generally based on a 5v5 battle computer-generated and does not require much input and effort from the user. The struggle is straightforward with a bit of tincture of strategy as you can choose between your heroes and faction. This game is not very aggressive and primarily focuses on passivity, which results in a relaxing experience for the user.

The core of the game is fundamental and just like every other game in this genre. You play the battles and receive awards and later spend them on upgrading your squad and heroes. On top of that, AFK Arena also features a story mode through which you can progress, including daily and weekly rewards. There are also guild events and limited-time events that can be very beneficial to your progress.


  • Always check the free AFK arena redemption codes
    as they provide free resources, which can be very helpful to someone who just started playing the game.
  • Also, when you start the game, always go to the quests menu and then to the campaign section to do missions that will give you free gems.
  • As mentioned earlier, this game revolves around heroes, so whenever you get a new hero, go to his portrait section and enter his story to get 100 free diamonds which is enormous considering you are getting them for free.
  • After you understand the game mechanics by playing them practically, you must make in-game friends that are stronger than you and more experienced than you in-game as they can help you level up faster in the game. You must also need a guild as soon as possible.
  • In the starting, do not waste your diamonds for anything. Instead, save them for the future, or even if you must spend them, use them to summon new heroes only. There is also a stargazing room, and you must not visit it until you have experience in the game as you can lose your diamonds if you started trying your luck in there.
  • Instead of upgrading, we call it ascending. To ascend a hero, you need certain elements. Keep that in mind. Never ascend a hero elite+ level hero to legendary until you can make him legendary+. This will affect your long-term game progress.
  • As you move forward in-game, you will find your comfort zone in a hero, or to say, in other words, you will use a hero more often than others. So, always ascend those heroes that you like and regularly use in battles. But, on the other hand, do not ascend any random hero as it will result in a complete loss of your resources. 
  • The most crucial aspect of your team will be the DPS hero, as DPS are the ones that deal the most amount of damage and are on the frontline on the battlefield. They are the attackers and deal lethal damage to your opponents. So you must ascend them as much as you can. Here are some of the best DPS heroes currently in the game, Belinda, Niru, and Saveas. They are considered the best starting options for beginners. Later on, you’ll need Shemira.
  • Even in DPS class, try to evolve your main hero compared to the other four in your team. But support heroes are also very important so you should also give some attention to them too. Finally, to find a perfect guild for yourself, try to get into a guild with a high level and skilled players to make things significantly more manageable for you.
  • If you ever find yourself in a situation where the fight is going wrong and not in your way, you can always pause, try new heroes. It is a fact that you are not going to win every fight. In some of them, you will lose mercilessly, and some battles will be a very close call, but whatever happens, you must always repeat the same fights again and again. Some of them will last longer than 50 battles, but you must not lose hope.
  • If your team consists of heroes from the same factions, you will receive bonuses like attack and health, as I mentioned before about the DPS heroes and their importance in the team formation. But you must not put more than one DPS hero in your team as it will significantly affect your team formation. Some people tend to put 3-4 DPS heroes in the same team, thinking that it will help, but it has very adverse effects as heroes have a pet to play in the battle. For example, you cannot win the fight based on your attack alone.
  • AFK Arena has a huge player base, and many of the YouTubers also play them. Try to get inspired by the fights you see on youtube or if you are having difficulty on some level, watch a video on youtube to see how a professional cleared that level. You can learn from there and apply that in your game. It will dramatically increase the chances of your winning.
  • You must know about the in-game meta. In general words, meta means the most effective tactics available at the current state of the game. There are meta factions in the game also which has the best heroes overall. The best faction for campaign mode is the King Tower, Arcane Labyrinth.
  • Each team also has a support hero, which generally gives health to the team. Currently, Lucius, Nemora, and Talene are the best healers. If this all this seems a big hustle to you, then don’t worry. Time is money in this game. As the name suggests, this game is based on the AFK factor, you just have to wait, and you can get everything in the game if you have a future secure plan.
  • Buy hero essence day to day by using gold in the store as it is the modest important material in the game after your hero reaches its cap. And don’t forget to retire heroes that you don’t generally use in the battle. For example, mostly the green heroes are pretty useless, so don’t hesitate to retire them without any second thought.
  • There is a specific hero called Nemora, which is very top tier as she can heal the entire team and help you go further in the game.
  • Don’t ascend your heroes too fast until you feel the need to do so. You need copies of heroes to ascend them, and instantly ascending your hero without enough copies might have adverse effects in the future that can limit you pretty much totally. So play the game with a conscience.
  • In these types of games, luck plays a huge factor. Summoning heroes and various things entirely depend on your chance. And if you ever feel disappointed, don’t feel bad as you can restart at any time. You just have to go to the settings, go to select the server, and from there, you can start a new account from 0 without harming your previously existing account. You can create as many accounts as you can think of.
  • Try to stay positive in the community as it creates a healthy environment for players to play without any negativity peacefully. Try to be patient as much as possible, and you need to play this game slowly.
  • Finish your daily quests, which include arena battles and guild hunts. After that, you’re free to leave and just log in after a few hours to collect your rewards. This strat will help in the long term of the game.

Just follow the above mention points and enjoy your stay in this long journey of role-playing.

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