AFK Arena Best Heroes Tier List

If you are a mobile game lover,  then AFK Arena is the game for you. It is a role-playing game where you and your gang can play idle RPG and turn-based RPG mechanics. The complete game is based on automated 5v5 battles.

Moreover, the developer of the game regularly releases AFK Arena codes, which provide you free in-game stuff and helps you to progress more faster in this Gacha RPG.

The game players are allowed to choose the hero and faction, as per their choice. While playing the game you can also manually activate the special skills of the heroes during battles. You get a choice to select from about 100 heroes and 7 factions.

Here in you fight battles to receive rewards. These rewards can further be used to upgrade and expand your squad.

The complete game revolves around a storyline and as the game proceeds, players progress through it.  You also get the opportunity to play guild events and limited-time events. The new PvP mode allows players to battle One-V-One. 

The most important segment of AFK Arena is its heroes. 

Here we have created a list of top-tier heroes to give you an idea about the power and strength of the best heroes of AFK Arena. However, there are numerous other heroes as well, that is best in the specific game modes.

Just go through this list before choosing AFK heroes for your team and investing your resources. We highly recommend considering other factors as well besides the individual strength of each hero, while creating your main team.

Best Heroes Tier List In AFK Arena

afk arena best heroes

To have a better synopsis of the AFK Arena best heroes, we have divided the game into four stages namely

  • Early-game (level 1-60)
  • Mid-game (level 61-160)
  • Late-game (level 161-240)
  • End-game (level 240+)

Early game tier list (level 1-60)

This tier list is based on the performance of the heroes in the early game, which is from level 1-60.

Here we have listed the top 5 heroes of the early game, to help you to progress swiftly and quickly. Heroes doing well in the early game tier may not perform in the game later, as other heroes may get more powerful.

  • Lucius is an excellent tank hero of the Lightbearer faction, with its shield and healing power to have in the early game. So invest in him as he will take you forward.
  • Saveas is the craziest carry hero early in AFK Arena.  Later in the mid-game, you can use him as a fodder hero also.
  • Nemora With her charm and support for your team, Nemore is a great choice as a healer also.
  • Daimon is a great choice in the early game in AFK Arena as it can stack and over-roll enemy teams really well.
  • Talene is one of the strongest Celestial faction heroes to add to your AFK Arena team.

Mid game tier list (level 61-160)

The mid-game tier list ranks heroes based on their performance in the mid-game, that is from level 61-160.

In this phase of the game, many skills are unlocked and as a result, many heroes become much stronger than earlier. So choose the suggested top-ranked heroes during the mid-game and progress through this period of the game.

  • Lucius – In the mid-game also, we suggest including Lucius in your team. With its shield and healing, it can be a game-changer.
  • Saveas – is a solid hero to keep in the mid-game as well without any doubt. He causes great damage and strikes down enemy teams really well, in the earlier and mid games. 
  • Brutus is super strong and viable in the mid-game. But later his damage and survivability get so bad that you will not use him in the late game anymore.
  • Saurus – is a great choice to carry as you need a hero dealing loads of damage to a single target. 
  • Shemira is the intelligence-based mage of the Graveborn faction and a single carry hero in the midgame that any player in AFK Arena should prioritize. But don’t invest in her furniture or Signature Items.

Late game tier list (level 161-240)

The late-game tier list ranks heroes based on their performance in levels 161-240.

  • Shemira In the late game, we highly recommend including Shemira as a part of your AFK Arena team of best heroes. Her versatility can make your team stronger and super sustainable. 
  • Ainz Ooal Gown With his stuns and percentage damage, he is the godfather of all carry heroes. By investing in him you can make your team stronger.
  • Athalia is the great choice for PvP aspects, to deal with certain backline heroes. But in the endgame, she is too fragile and will go down too fast leaving a bad impact on your team.
  • Tasi is one of the best intelligence-based support heroes of the Wilders faction, that you should have in your AFK Arena team. Her control abilities make her highly desirable.
  • Rowan is an intelligence-based real hero of the Lightbearer faction, who offers amazing support and solid healing.

End game tier list (level 241+)

When you reach the end game point, you probably have several team setups for different game modes. 

  • Rowan is the hero to prioritize over any other hero at the end game.
  • Talene is a great hero and investing in her makes absolute sense as you can cheese with her ability to last on the battlefield.
  • Ainz Ooal Gown is a great hero to invest in, with his percentage damage. He’s a great long-term investment, so keep him in the late game as well as the end game.
  • Daimon is an absolute most invest hero. He fits into many setups pretty well and his damage and crowd control earn him this place in the ranking.
  • Eironn is a great long-term investment. He starts getting more powerful if you invest in his furniture and Signature Item.

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