AFK Arena Ancient Ruins Guide 2022

In this article, we’re going to talk about one such notorious stage i.e. the 5th Chapter of Peaks of Time, also called Ancient ruins. In this article, we are going to let you know how you can ace it.

But before we start, we would first like add some pointer for you here so that is always prepared be it this battle:

Points to remember:

  • It would be advisable to steer clear from adding the Heroes from the Wilder category. This will help you to perform better. Why do you ask? Simply because you are going to have a battle against main heroes from the Maulers category.
  • Saying so, you can definitely add maulers since it can prove to be good against the Ulmus.
  • Just of the chance if you are not able to defeat Ulmus even after trying multiple times, you can go ahead and restart the chapter altogether. That will help you get better relics and in turn help you with the battle.

Ancient Ruins Guide

afk arena ancient ruins guide

Ancient Ruins is one of the most difficult stages to clear in the AFK arena, but worry not, for this guide will help you with that. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to clear Ancient Ruins with ease. Listed below are the steps you need to follow along with some other things you should keep in mind when attempting to clear Ancient Ruins:

  • The recommended hero level before starting this stage is 135+, so ensure all your heroes are sufficiently leveled up before starting the stage.
  • The first step right after starting the stage is to clear all of the enemy camps visible on both the left and right sides. This will also give you an idea of if your heroes are equipped with the right gear which makes them sufficiently strong to beat Ancient Ruins.
  • You should be able to spot a chest near you on the map. That is the strongest enemy camp of this stage and requires you to engage with it with 140+ leveled up heroes with good quality relics and high power ratings. We’re saving this for the last.
  • You’ll see a portal and a yellow coloured trigger on your left. Don’t use the portal, and interact with the trigger. This will give you access to a new section of the map, where you’ll battle the enemy camps for additional heroes and good relics. Avoid opting for wilders as most of our enemies consist of maulers.
  • Interact with the blue trigger, and make your way back to the yellow trigger mentioned in the previous step. Avoid the portal on the right side, and enter the portal on the left side after activating the yellow coloured trigger.
  • You’ll see three camps that will not drop any relics and get respawned every time you use the portal. These camps can be tough to clear and that is precisely why we recommend engaging them once you’ve gained good relics. Defeat two of these camps, walk to the left and you need to interact with the green lever once you’ve cleared the camp beside it. The last section will be blocked off once you’ve done that.
  • Activate the blue lever on the right side and use the portal available there. You’ll be redirected to the two respawned camps, and once you’ve cleared them again, you’ll see a new path that you’ll have to enter after you’ve interacted with the yellow lever again. 
  • Enter that path and after clearing all the camps there, pull the red lever. Now you should clear the camp behind the green stone on the northeastern side. Come back to the blue lever now and activate it again. This will give you access to the northwestern section of the map where after clearing the camps there you can resurrect a fallen hero. We recommend doing so as after this there’s only one remaining battle before you clear Ancient Ruins.
  • You’ll see a red pillar that you can pass through to go to the red lever and activate it. There are no more puzzles at this point in this stage. You can now engage in battle with the boss of Ancient Ruins, and once you’ve defeated them, this stage will be cleared.

Now once you have cleared this, you will have to fight with the boss of Ancient Ruins. As per the game, technically the Boss of the Ancient Ruins will already have 170 heroes for the fight. In case you have level 140 heroes, you can battle against the boss of Ancient Ruins in a fair manner. 

The real problem with this map is the Ulmus matches and you can take care of them by taking the Maulers heroes in your team. You can also try to restart the match after trying to beat the 5x Ulmus teams in a match, you need to keep trying several times before restarting for better results.

We are well aware of how irritating this Ancient Ruins stage can be. You’ll have to activate a tonne of lever mechanisms and engage in combat with camps you’ve already cleared once before, and if you mess up, you’ll have to start all over again. This stage truly tests our patience. That is the reason why we recommend going through the guide presented above carefully and thoroughly, so you can follow the steps in the correct order and clear Ancient Ruins in the best way possible. Ancient Ruins, the 5th chapter of Peaks of Time is a stage many players will struggle with countless times, but we ensure that if you follow our guide precisely, you’ll be able to clear it.

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